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Meet the Teacher: About Ms. Shaikh

Welcome to my webpage! I am excited to start another year here at Ernest Lawrence Middle School. My name is Shaema Shaikh, and I will be your child’s seventh-grade Science and Health Education teacher. What a fantastic journey we get to embark on together! I have so much planned and can’t wait to partner with you.

Teaching has always been a passion for me. I love learning, and I hope my students will learn to love learning as much as I do. By making my classroom a safe, exciting, and supportive place for my students, I want my students to enjoy coming to my classroom, fall in love with Science, and learn something new every day. All children are different and require specific attention and affection to flourish. I will strive to be that for my students; an educator who loves each child who walks through her door and gives them an education and a passion for learning.

This year will be fun, but as in every school year, things can and will come up. A successful year starts with an open communication line between parents and teachers. Please email me at shaema.[email protected] anytime you have any concerns.