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Dress Code


Be Safe

  1. Students must remain on campus at all times until dismissed at the end of the school day. You will be held accountable for your behavior and actions when walking to or from school.
  2. Students staying after school are required to be in designated areas. Students participating in the Beyond The Bell program must remain in areas supervised by the Beyond The Bell staff.
  3. Students must enter and leave school through walk-in gates. Students must not climb the school fence. Students are not to be in any teacher parking lots at any time.
  4. Bicycles are not to be ridden on campus or on the sidewalk bordering the school. Wear a helmet! Bicycles must be stored in a designated area (bike rack) during the school day.
  5. Skateboards, scooters, razor scooters, skates, etc. are not allowed on campus at any time and may not be stored anywhere on campus during the school day.
  6. Students are subject to random backpack, locker and metal detector searches when there is reasonable suspicion, they are violating a law or school rule.
  7. Glass bottles of any type are not allowed on campus.
  8. Aerosol sprays and perfumes are not allowed as they can cause asthmatic reactions.

Be Responsible

  1. Students must be off campus by 3:10 PM unless involved in a school activity. The Main Office closes at 4:30 PM each day.
  2. Possession of alcohol or tobacco on the school campus is not allowed by law and is suspendable.
  3. Smoking, possessing, furnishing, or being under the influence of a controlled substance (i.e. marijuana, alcohol, or other drug) is a major violation of the law and is punishable by arrest, suspension, expulsion, or transfer to another school. These consequences also apply to representing other materials as illegal controlled substances.
  4. Possession of drug paraphernalia (pipes, vapes, etc.) is not allowed and is a suspendable and citable offense.
  5. Possession of weapons or replicas of weapons on school grounds is illegal. Violation of these laws may result in a suspension/arrest, transfer to another school and/or an expulsion.
  6. Possession of firecrackers, exploding devices, or potentially explosive substances, or igniting open flames on campus may be punishable by suspension with possible arrest, expulsion, or a school transfer. Any chemical used in any disruptive way is subject to discipline. This can include, but is not limited to: stink bombs, body sprays, perfume, deodorant, and pepper spray.
  7. Unauthorized and/or unsolicited writing (graffiti) or damage to school property and any other form of vandalism violates the law.  Possession of paint pens, permanent markers, liquid white-out, stickers or slap tags may be cause for discipline or suspension. Parents will be responsible for the cost of any damages to school property.
  8. Students will follow the Lawrence Dress Code and Uniform Policy. Hats, beanies or visors may only be worn outside. Hats, hoods, caps, headbands, and hairnets, etc. or any other items which are perceived as gang-related or disrupts the educational process are not allowed. Hoods may only be worn during inclement weather.
  9. Students must use their assigned locker. No sharing lockers. The school is NOT RESPONSIBLE for items missing from lockers, including textbooks, library books, and valuables. Personal padlocks are not permitted.
  10. Items of value, including large sums of money, should not be brought to school. Items disruptive to learning activities such as IPODS, MP3 players, earbuds/headphones, cameras, trading cards, toys, “slime,” and electronic games are not to be used on campus during the school day and will be confiscated if they are seen, heard, or cause a disruption.
  11. Use of cell phones, earbuds, headphones, etc. are not allowed during school hours. Students must have them off at all times during the school day. “Texting” during the school day is not allowed. Cell phones, earbuds, headphones, etc. will be confiscated if they ring, vibrate, are seen, or if they are used at any time during the school day. The school is not responsible for electronic devices brought to school which are lost or stolen.
  12. Any electronic device used to take photos, videos, or record images is not allowed and may result in discipline or suspension.
  13. School-issued devices will only be used on campus during classroom times or under direct adult supervision or with permission. They may not be used during nutrition or lunch.
  14. Balloons of any kind (mylar, helium, or water balloons) are not allowed on campus.
  15. Gum chewing is not allowed on campus.

Be Respectful

  1. Students must attend and be on time to all classes. Students must follow all school rules and all rules established by classroom teachers.
  2. Students must follow all directions given to them by school personnel.
  3. The use of profanity, racial slurs, derogatory language, or hateful speech, either verbal or non-verbal, by writing, or by use of electronic devices are not allowed. Consequences may include discipline or suspension.
  4. Fighting is a major infraction which may result in suspension. Engaging in verbal or physical conflict, regardless of intention, is not allowed. Play fighting is not allowed.
  5. Students should keep "hands off" all property that does not belong to them. Theft is a crime which can result in arrest, suspension, or transfer to another school. Students receiving stolen property are subject to the same consequences.
  6. Bullying is not allowed. Bullying is any unwanted, severe or repeated behavior that is done on purpose to cause harm to another person through physical, emotional, verbal or non-verbal means, or by use of electronic devices.


This Dress Code and Uniform Policy is based on the following principles:

  • The primary focus of school is to maintain a safe and effective learning environment.
  • All students are encouraged to dress in a manner that is comfortable and conducive to an active school day.
  • All students should be able to wear clothing without fear of unnecessary discipline or body shaming.
  • The student Dress Code and Uniform Policy serves to support a positive self-image.

Lawrence Middle School is authorized to implement and adopt the District’s student dress code and/or establish a school student uniform policy consistent with LAUSD bulletin (BUL- 6494.2, Dec. 7, 2020) as a component of the Safe School Plan.

  1. Uniform Policy

    1. Shirts (tops): Students must wear a polo shirt (pullover style with collar and sleeves) or a collared shirt (button-up style with collar and sleeves) when on campus and during school events.
    2. Pants/Shorts/Skirts (bottoms): Color/design may vary.
    3. Jackets/Coats/Sweatshirts/Sweaters (outerwear): May be worn as needed.
  2. Dress Code Policy

    1. Clothing: No attire can create a hazard to the health or safety of the student or others and attire must fully cover private areas.
    2. Undergarments: Must be fully covered.
    3. Shoes: Shoes worn during Physical Education (P.E.) classes must be appropriate for the specific activity.
    4. Headgear and Jewelry: Beanies and caps must be a solid color (with no logos). “LMS” caps, beanies and visors (purchased at the Student Store) may also be worn. Caps, beanies, visors and non-prescription sunglasses may not be worn indoors. Bandanas may not be worn. Hoods may only be worn outdoors during times of inclement weather. Students are allowed to wear jewelry or attire representative of their religious faith, including, but not limited to: a crucifix, yarmulke, headscarf, hijab or turban. Medical-type masks are allowed.
    5. Clothing, jewelry, and personal items: Any item(s) with language or images that are vulgar, sexually explicit, discriminatory, obscene, libelous, contain threats, or that promote illegal or violent content such as the unlawful use of weapons, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, gang affiliation or drug paraphernalia, are prohibited.
    6. Blankets: Must be no larger than the size of a beach towel.
    7. Specialized Programs and Classes: Such as physical education, science lab, wood shop, or culinary arts, may require specialized attire or impose unique restrictions related to safety and industry standards (e.g., hairnets, face coverings/masks, safety goggles, or closed-toe shoes).
    8. The Dress Code and Uniform Policy may be modified for special school events, celebrations and productions (e.g., Pajama Day, Jersey Day, Formal)
  3. Process to Support Compliance

    1. Teachers/Staff will monitor during passing periods and as students enter class.
    2. Students out of compliance may be sent briefly to the Counseling Office with appropriate referral.
    3. If alternatives are not available at school, a parent will be contacted by school staff and offered the opportunity to bring appropriate clothing.
    4. Teachers/Staff will document all violation(s) in MiSiS (Interventions).
    5. Further action based on multiple Dress Code or Uniform Policy violations logged in MiSiS will be reviewed on a case by case basis and handled by school staff.
  4. Financial Assistance

    1. Any student in need of clothing in order to comply with the LMS Dress Code and Uniform Policy will be referred to the Counseling Office where clothing may be provided based on availability.
  5. Enrollment Procedures

    1. Students who enroll at Lawrence Middle School will be immediately provided with all pertinent school information in order to assist them with their success at the school. Information provided may include, but is not limited to: locker and locker card, copy of Student/Parent Handbook, copy of class schedule, meal application and Dress Code and Uniform Policy. Students with special circumstances (homeless, foster care, financial issues, etc.) will be provided with clothing for compliance (as available). The parent/guardian will be advised both verbally, and in writing, concerning the Dress Code and Uniform Policy at time of enrollment by the Attendance Office/Main Office/Counseling Office/Assistant Principals Office/Dean’s Office (as appropriate).
  6. Non-Compliance

    1. The Dress Code and Uniform Policy shall not consider a student as noncompliant with the policy when:
      1. Noncompliance derives from financial hardship. In this circumstance, Lawrence Middle School or the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) may provide appropriate clothing as available.
      2. A student wears the uniform of a nationally recognized youth organization on regular meeting days.
      3. Wearing a school uniform conflicts with a student’s sincerely held religious belief.
      4. A student’s parent or guardian has chosen to opt-out of the school’s Uniform Policy. The procedures set forth in Section 1 shall be followed.
  7. Consequences for Non-Compliance

    1. Students will not be disciplined or unenrolled from school as a consequence for wearing attire that violates the school Dress Code or Uniform Policy. However, a student may briefly leave the classroom to cover, remove or change the non-complying clothing. The school (Teachers, Staff, Counseling Office or Administration) will notify parents/guardians of the school’s response to student violations of the Dress Code and Uniform Policy. Restorative and non-punitive options shall be used to increase adherence to the Dress Code and Uniform Policy.
    2. The site administrators have the authority to restrict clothing, signs, attire, or paraphernalia, which are identified as being gang related or which could reasonably be foreseen to create a hostile or unsafe environment among rival gangs, individuals, or groups. Urban fashion in and of itself is not “gang-related” apparel.
  8. Complaint Procedures

    1. Should a parent/guardian or student have a complaint, concern, or issue with the Dress Code and Uniform Policy, they shall be encouraged to speak to the Administration. If a solution is not identified, the concerned party shall be directed to speak to the appropriate local district office employee.
  9. Uniform Opt-Out Guidelines

    1. If a student’s parents/guardians opt-out of the school’s Uniform Policy, the student shall not be penalized academically, suspended, or expelled from school, or otherwise discriminated against or denied attendance to school or participation in school activities.
    2. Parents/guardians choosing to opt-out of the school’s Uniform Policy shall indicate such choice by submitting a written statement (Attachment A) to the main office in person.
    3. Parents/guardians are not required to explain or justify their decision to opt-out of the Uniform Policy. The Uniform Policy is voluntary. Parents/guardians will be notified of their right to opt-out of the school Uniform Policy as described in the following:
      1. At the parent/guardian request, the school shall provide the parent/guardian with the Uniform Opt-Out form (Attachment A).
      2. The completed Uniform Opt-Out form is effective immediately upon receipt by the school.
      3. Upon receipt of the completed Uniform Opt-Out form and meeting with the Dress Code and Uniform Policy Committee, Lawrence Middle School will provide the student with an Opt-Out Identification Card. Upon issuance of the Identification Card, LMS will inform the student that this identification card must be carried along with their LMS student identification card while on school property and to all school activities and events. If the card is not carried, the parent/guardian will be contacted by the Counseling Office.
      4. The Counseling Office will maintain a list of students who have chosen to opt-out of the school Uniform Policy to ensure these students enjoy the same rights and privileges as all other students attending school. The school will notify appropriate school staff of those students who have opted-out.
      5. Replacement of the Opt-Out Identification Card will be completed by the counseling office. One (1) free replacement will be provided. Additional lost cards may result in a $1.00 replacement fee.
PE Uniforms
PE uniforms are available to purchase at the student store. Shirts are $10 and shorts are $15. The student store accepts cash only. 
Standardized Physical Education Apparel (Education Code Section 49066 (c)
A. Student attire, clothing and shoes must be appropriate for physical education. Schools may require students to secure their own gym clothes of the same color and design, provided that they are the type sold for general wear outside of school and provisions are made to provide the attire at no cost if failure to have or wear appropriate apparel arises from circumstances beyond the control of the student. If a school chooses to adopt a physical education uniform, such as with the school logo, the school must follow all provisions for school uniform policies noted above regarding economic assistance and opting out.
B. Parents/guardians must be provided with a description of the standardized physical education apparel and options for purchasing it; specifically noting that the attire need not be purchased through the school.
C. Parents/guardians and students must be advised that Education Code section 49066(c) requires that no grade of a pupil participating in a physical education class may be adversely affected due to the fact that the pupil does not wear standardized physical education apparel where the failure to wear such apparel arises from circumstances beyond the control of the pupil.