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Vision & Mission


Mission:   To provide a safe, respectful, academically challenging and rigorous learning environment, in which students become resilient in the face of challenges, respect and accept diversity, and become intellectually, emotionally and socially responsible citizens.

Vision:   Lawrence Middle School is a place where all students demonstrate excellence in academic standards to be college and career ready, and develop effective and healthy habits of mind, to successfully navigate and meet the demands of the 21st Century.



  • Students will demonstrate clear and effective communication skills, which are appropriate for different academic and social settings.
  • Students will be active participants who contribute to collaborative groups to produce quality work.
  • Student will demonstrate academic knowledge through writing as they connect, question, evaluate, visualize, infer, and synthesize information.
  • Students will respect and accept diverse cultures, lifestyles, feelings, and beliefs.
  • Students will practice healthy habits of mind, as well as acquire healthy physical and social skills.

Student Learning Outcomes

Preparing middle school students to become high school students who are:

  • Actively dedicated to servicing their community
    • Our students strengthen their ethical and moral framework as they explore concepts of equity and cultural inclusiveness through active participation in: 
      • The election process
      • Our cultural and government institutions
      • Strengthening our social justice system
  • Recognized for excellence
    • Our students are recognized in their ability to:
      • Synthesize multiple information sources
      • Contribute to the promotion and innovation of the workforce and collegiate entities
  • Prepared to face the demands of 21st century colleges and workforce
    • Our students are able to construct and produce meaning using portable skills in new and different learning environments