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Code of Conduct

Lawrence Middle School Student Rules and Regulations

(Updated 8/2022) 

Be Safe

  1. Students must remain on campus at all times until dismissed at the end of the school day. Any problems going to and from school may still have a consequence.
  2. Students staying after school are required to be in designated areas.  Students participating in the after-school playground program must remain in the Physical Education area or in areas supervised by the After School Program.
  3. Students must enter and leave school through walk-in gates.  Students must not climb the school fence.  Students are not to be in any teacher parking lot at any time.
  4. Bicycles are not to be ridden on campus or on the sidewalk bordering the school. Wear a helmet! Bicycles must be stored in a designated area (bike rack) during the school day. 
  5. Skateboards, scooters, razor scooters, skates, etc. are not allowed on campus at any time and may not be stored anywhere on campus during the school day. 
  6. Students are subject to random backpack, locker and metal detector searches. 
  7. Glass bottles of any type are not allowed on campus.
  8. Aerosol sprays and perfumes are not allowed as they can cause asthmatic reactions.

Be Responsible

  1. Students must be off campus by 3:10 PM unless involved in a school activity.  The Main Office closes at 4:30 PM each day.
  2. Possession of Alcohol or tobacco on the school campus is prohibited by law and is suspendable.
  3. Smoking, possessing, furnishing, or being under the influence of a controlled substance (i.e. marijuana, alcohol, or other drug) is a major violation of the law and is punishable by arrest, suspension, expulsion, or transfer to another school.  These consequences also apply to representing other materials as illegal controlled substances.
  4. Possession of drug paraphernalia is a suspendable and citable offense.
  5. Possession of weapons or replicas of weapons on school grounds is illegal.  Violation of these laws may result in a suspension/arrest, transfer to another school and/or an expulsion.
  6. Possession of firecrackers, exploding devices, or potentially explosive substances, or igniting open flames on campus may be punishable by suspension with possible arrest, expulsion, or a school transfer. Any chemical used in any disruptive way to the education process is subject to suspension. This can include but is not limited to stink bombs, body sprays and pepper sprays.
  7. Unauthorized and/or unsolicited writing (graffiti) or damage to school property and any other form of vandalism violates the law. Possession of paint pens, permanent markers, liquid white-out, stickers or slap tags may be cause for suspension. Parents will be responsible for the cost of any damages to school property.                                  
  8. Students will follow the Lawrence dress code. Official LMS hats, beanies or visors may only be worn outside. Headgear may not be worn indoors at any time. This includes hats, hoods, caps, headbands, and hairnets, etc. or any other item worn which is perceived as gang-related or disrupts the educational process.  Belt buckles with initials are not allowed. Hoods may not be worn at any time.
  9. Students must use their assigned locker. The school is NOT RESPONSIBLE for items missing from lockers, including textbooks, library books, and valuables.  Personal padlocks are not permitted.
  10. Items of value, including large sums of money, should not be brought to school. Items disruptive to learning activities such as IPODS, MP3 players, cameras, trading cards, toys, and electronic games are not to be used on campus during the school day and will be confiscated if they are seen, heard, or cause a disruption.
  11. Use of cell phones is not permitted during school hours.  Students must have them off at all times during the school day.  “Texting” during the school day is not permitted.  Cell phones will be confiscated if they ring, vibrate, are seen or if they are used at any time during the school day. The school is not responsible for electronic devices brought to school which are lost or stolen.
  12. Any unauthorized electronic device used to take still photos or record images may result in a suspension.
  13. School-issued devices will only be used on campus during classroom times or under direct adult supervision or with permission. They may not be used during nutrition or lunch.
  14. Balloons of any kind (mylar, helium, or water balloons) are not permitted on campus.
  15. Gum chewing is not allowed on campus.

Be Respectful

  1. Students must attend all classes and arrive on time.  Students must follow all school rules and all rules established by classroom teachers.
  2. Students must follow all directions given to them by school personnel.
  3. The use of profanity, written or verbal, is not acceptable. 
  4. Fighting is a major infraction which may result in suspension.  Engaging in verbal or physical conflict, regardless of intention, is prohibited.
  5. Students should keep "hands off" all property that does not belong to them.  Theft is a crime which can result in arrest, suspension, or  transfer to another school.  Students receiving stolen property are subject to the same consequences.
  6. Students must refrain from bullying (including but not limited to physical, verbal, psychological, or cyber).


  1.  Things belonging to another person must not be kept in the locker.Locker combinations are not to be shared.
  2. Problems related to lockers are not always accepted as tardy excuses.
  3. Articles must not be kept in the locker if it is against the law or school board policy.  A school administrator/designee may inspect the contacts of the locker at any time.  Of things are found in lockers that are prohibited by the law or school board policy, the administrator may remove them for safe keeping or investigation.
  4. Kicking, hitting, slamming, defacing, using graffiti, bending, prying, jamming of lock and other such abuse is not allowed.  No items may be glued, taped, or otherwise affixed to the locker.
  5. Materials or liquids that might cause a fire must not be placed in the locker.
  6. All food and drink must be entirely removed by the end of each school day.  Food attracts ants and other pests.
  7. The things stored in the locker should be kept clean and in an orderly condition.
  8. All students will be issued a new lock from the P.E. Department or the Student Store.  Students must use a school issued lock.

Failure to follow all of the above rules may result in loss of locker privileges.