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Grade 6 Math Gifted Magnet

My goals this year are to give each student:

  •     A sense of belonging within our school community;
  •     A strong skill set in collaboration and cooperation;
  •     An understanding and knowledge of grade level material which will provide the foundation for future learning;
  •     An eagerness to do well in school that establishes life-long learning;
  •     Confidence when facing challenges.


Course Overview

The standards are too numerous to mention here, so for more information go to www.cde.ca.gov and click on the link “California Common Core State Standards for Mathematics.” Then select the appropriate level. Learning targets are based on the math standards. They clearly describe what students will learn and be able to do by the end of a lesson, unit, project, or even a course. They usually begin with an “I can” or “I know” statement. Learning targets can be found throughout the math textbooks.


Name of Course

Math Standards by Grade Level


Highly Accelerated

6 and 7


CC Math 6