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Mayra Lopez
School Climate Advocate
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Campus Aide
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School Supervision Aide


We would like to offer a sincere welcome the new members of the Lawrence family as well as our returning Lawrence Lions.   The Lawrence Support Staff are here to assist your child get the best education possible in a safe and secure environment.  We also strive to teach students the value of having good character, making smart decisions, and demonstrating Lawrence Pride.

In dealing with the student body at Lawrence Middle School, the Intervention Center has three goals in mind.  These goals are: 1.) to keep all students safe from harm, 2.) to create and maintain a calm atmosphere and culture at our school, and 3.) to keep students out of and away from trouble.  By following our school rules and policies our students assist in establishing a safe and secure environment which facilitates learning.  With parental involvement and reinforcement at home, students will be able to achieve academic success as well as develop into individuals with good character.

Our students are reminded that they are at school for one reason, and that is to learn.  Any behaviors or actions which get in the way of our students’ academic success and positive character development are not allowed or tolerated.  In the Intervention Center, we work every day to ensure a positive and safe learning environment.

One policy we have at Lawrence to limit distractions is the restriction of the use of cellular phones.  The use of cell phones on campus is allowed before or after school only.  At Lawrence we understand parents’ desire for their child to carry a cell phone, but it must be turned off during school hours.  Students are not allowed to use or have their phones visible at any time during the school day, including nutrition and lunch.  Calling your child’s cell phone or sending him/her text messages is distracting to the educational process.  If you need to contact your child during the school day, it must be done through the school office.

Using one’s cell phone or any kind of digital camera to record people or events without consent for the purpose of posting it on the internet is a serious offense and is not allowed.  Students who upload images or events to the internet without consent can be punished by the law and the administration of the school.

If a device is not in use but is visible it may be confiscated by school personnel.  Earphones that are visible are considered part of the device as well.  Please inform your child of these policies so that their electronic device does not cause a distraction.

If electronic devices are confiscated by school personnel they are stored in the Intervention Center until it is picked up by a parent outside of school hours.  Confiscated electronic devices will not be returned to the student without a parent present.  A parent phone call or a written note will not suffice to get a device returned.  Each student is responsible for letting his/her parent know the electronic device has been taken since the staff will NOT be calling to inform the parents.

We thank you in advance for your continued cooperation and support of these and all of our rules and policies.  If you have any questions about the cell phone/ electronic device policy, as well as any discipline or safety issue please contact the Intervention Center via email or, at (818) 678-7906 or (818) 678-7930.