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New Students 2023-24

Welcome to Lawrence Middle School!  If you would like to get started on the enrollment process, please access the Enrollment forms at the Attendance Office link.  Once the forms are completed, you can send them to the school to the attention of Mr. Cranshaw.
eChoices Magnet On-Time Application for '24-'25   Oct 2nd-Nov 17th, 2023 
eChoices Magnet Late Application '24-'25 opens February 1, 2024

Any questions?  Contact Michael Cranshaw by e-mail [email protected]


Gifted students, like all students, deserve an educational program as closely adapted to their needs as possible.  We recognize our obligation to hold them to the highest standards they are capable of achieving and to recognize the unique talents and needs of each individual in a diverse gifted population. 

We believe in striking a balance between the creative, open-ended learning activities from which gifted students benefit, and the more structured activities necessary to equip students with the skills essential for academic success.

    • Content, Process, Product
    • Depth, Complexity, Novelty, Acceleration
    • Enrichment, Experiences
    • Electives-Art, Science, Music, Leadership, Korean, Computer Science, Anatomy, Marine Biology, Financial Planning
  • Teacher Professional Development
  • Social/Emotional Aspects of Giftedness
  • Innovative Physical Education - Strengthening Physical, Mental and Emotional Fitness

If you would like to explore our teacher's pages, feel free to click on their name. Questions ??? Click on their email below