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New Students 2023-24

Welcome to Lawrence Middle School!  If you would like to get started on the enrollment process, please access the Enrollment forms at the Attendance Office link.  Once the forms are completed, you can send them to the school to the attention of Mr. Cranshaw.
eChoices Magnet On-Time Application for '24-'25   Oct 2nd-Nov 17th, 2023 
eChoices Magnet Late Application '24-'25 opens February 1, 2024

Any questions?  Contact Michael Cranshaw by e-mail [email protected]


Our Pioneering Science Magnet is an innovative, cutting-edge, hands-on learning experience for students interested in engineering, computer-automated design, and robotics.

The Pioneering Science Magnet is a focused program for young learners who dream of a career in sciences. Through this program, students will experience hands-on learning within their academic subjects through the lenses of emerging technologies such as coding, engineering, and robotics.

Field experiences will coordinate with their in-class learning. These include field trips to NASA/JPL, HexLab MakerSpace, the Discovery Cube, and the California Science Center.

If you are interested in learning more about our Pioneering Science Magnet please get in touch with Mr. Cranshaw at [email protected].



Inspired by the pioneering work of Ernest O. Lawrence, for whom our school is named, Lawrence Pioneering Science Magnet will lay a foundation to facilitate technical, social skills, and aligned pathways to create future leaders in the sciences, engineering, and robotics technologies.

Our school community will work together to revolutionize teaching and learning, especially for traditionally under-served female and minority student populations.

We will capitalize on the expertise of our community partners who will mentor students on applied energy, mechanics, and robotics, and bring out their innovative talents and creativity to produce functional robots for real-world applications.



Focus on Sciences

♦ Content, Process, Product

♦ Depth, Complexity, Novelty, Acceleration

♦ Enrichment, Experiences

♦ Elective- Makers’ Lab- Grade Level Focus: Game & Website Design,  Fly Simulator/Drone Technology

Teacher Professional Development

Social/Emotional Aspects of the Child



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